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Aberdeen is Scotland\'s third largest city and attracts a lot of attention when travelling. Aberdeen is called the "granite city" and boasts many things to see and do while touring, especially because Aberdeen is a quite weathly city due to success in the oil industry. Aberdeen is called the "granite city" because it is built on granite and its monuments are made almost entirely from granite, as well, which gives the city a very structured appearance.

If you are looking for entertainment in Aberdeen, one of your nightsout should include sightseeing around the city. There are many gorgeous sights to be seen, including the St. Nicholas Church and the St. Machar\'s Cathedral. Another nightsout journey should take you to the ornamental gardens of Hazelhead Park and to see the beaches of Britain along the coastline.
Another entertainment point is the Aberdeen Art Gallery or the Maritime Museums. Check out the fine dining at local restaurants surrounding these focal points!

After exploring the city, get ready for the nightlife as the bars, clubs and Aberdeen pubs begin to open and thrive. Belmont street is known for some of the best Aberdeen pubs and bars in the city. If you want to be able to get a cold drink, enjoy the company of friends and experience live music, Drummonds is the place for you. Local bands play live music every night of the week and the clubs are even open until 3am on the weekends! Another great entertaining hotspot is Vodka Bar; the bar has over 30 different shots to try that will keep you laughing and having fun throughout the night. Exodus is a club that offers cheap drinks, and live rock and indie music through the night including dancing upstairs.

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